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2007-07-31 12:37 p.m.

last words

I had thought that this was a rather sleepy portion of Osaka. And actually, I still do. But it also happens to be the location of the corporate headquarters of Sanyo, with the corporate headquarters of Panasonic a short walk down the road.

I'm leaving today, though. This will probably be my last entry from Japan. It's been a wonderful three years. It's almost always been great, and even when it hasn't been great, it's been... instructive. I have a much better sense of who I am now than I did when I came here. And honestly? I'm mostly pretty pleased with who I am.

Funny, though, now that I find myself writing the final Japan entry, I don't seem to have anything to say that I haven't already said.

I don't really want to leave. I could have a good life here. But I'm excited to go to graduate school. I'm even excited to start a karate club and get into karate again, which, oddly enough, is not really possible in Japan. And I'm curious to see how WTF will handle Uncle Sam.

Zazen has been going somewhat better lately. Less numbness, anyway.

Am I a butterfly or a moth?

I have re-read the first six Harry Potter books. I'm ready to read the seventh as soon as I arrive back in the states. After finishing six the first time, I said that I liked Harry Potter better than Lord of the Rings. But I have a better rephrasing now: Lord of the Rings is like Beethoven, and Harry Potter is the Beatles.

see you on the other side,