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2000-08-04 18:16:17


"A piece of your brain the size of a grain of sand would contain one hundred thousand neurons, two million axons and one billion synapses, all 'talking to' each other. Given these figures, it's been calculated that the number of possible brain states- the number of permutations and combinations of activity that are theoretically possible- exceeds the number of elementary particles in the universe."

Yesterday I dreamt I was in a cemetery on a hill side, filled with blooming cherry trees. The ground was covered with cherry blossoms, and a smooth wind was blowing, swirling them in spinning spirals to earth. It was like a gentle snowfall of pink and white. In the beginning, it was a bright day filled with sunlight, but as time moved on the cemetery became increasingly dim and dark, and the coat of cherry blossoms on the ground and on the graves became increasingly deep and dense. By the end, it was the deep darkness of a moonless night, and the blossoms lay in drifts all over the cemetery. And still they continued tumbling downward.

Cherry blossoms are symbolic of death in Japan and other cultures.