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2002-08-11 2:34 p.m.

i get critical

Hey. Turns out I like leeks.

I'm going to another rock festival this weekend. Here's the lineup. ... I never really liked the look of those 10,000 yen bills, anyway.

I went to a fireworks show last night. I had heard that Japanese fireworks are better than American ones. However, I knew going into this one that it was to be a relatively minor show. But... I was unimpressed.

It was more like everyone got together to listen to advertising messages read over a loud speaker with fireworks interspersed to keep everyone's attention. See, I guess how it works is a bunch of local companies get together, and they each pay for some fireworks. The announcer reads the name of the company and whatever "message" they would like to send out to everyone in attendance, and then they light the fireworks.

It ends up being like this: 2 minutes of corporate brainwashing, 10 seconds of fireworks, repeat for an hour.

And some of the companies went all out and bought some pretty snazzy fireworks, but some didn't. It was pretty uneven. With one company it would be like, fwump fwump fwump fwump pop pop pop fwump pop pop fwump fwump pop fwump pop pop, and then the next company would be, fwump. pop. ... fwump. pop. I felt embarassed for the companies with crappy fireworks.

I guess it's an easy way to pay for it all, but it sucked. I'm going to be optimistic and assume that most Japanese fireworks shows aren't like this.

Oh, that reminds me. I'm not a baseball fan, and I used to especially hate Randy Johnson until I read this article. Then I realized that Randy Johnson is a tribute to the power of negative thinking! And that's cool. Positive thinking is over-rated, seriously. Success comes from mercilessly rooting out and destroying weaknesses, without ignoring or glossing over the significance of faults. Anything less than perfection is imperfection. If you consider "confidence" to be positive thinking, then I agree about it's value in that respect, but really... Sacrificing reality so everyone feels good isn't going to get us anywhere.

Uhh... anyway. I like leeks.