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2001-08-16 6 a.m.

short skirt/long jacket

Alright, this is weird. Night before last, I slept like... an hour. And I got three or four hours of sleep during the day yesterday. I went to bed around eleven last night (I'm trying to get my sleeping schedule in order so that I can get a full night's sleep before the MCAT starts 8am on the 18th), basically expecting I'd be lucky if I got out of bed before noon. And yet, somehow, I pop wide awake at 5:30. Not only that, but... I feel rested. Not only do I never wake up at such an ungodly hour without provocation, I very rarely feel actually refreshed upon waking. Weird... Maybe I'm just nervous/excited for the MCAT... I ain't complaining.

Finals have been taken, and I am now cramming for the MCAT, trying to relearn all the science I've supposedly learned while I've been here... Brings back memories... You remember the good ol' organic chemistry days? Yeah, those were the days... (sarcasm alert)

So, turns out Junko's a lot older than I thought. Remember a few entries ago when I said Junko had turned 25 or something? Heh. No. She looks, dresses, and acts five to ten years younger than she is. That's cool, though- I'm flattered that a woman her age is so interested in me...

Sometimes I'm almost tempted to put together some kind of romantic resume (Why You Should Want to Date Greyarea) so that it could all be laid on the table for prospective girlfriends to see and evaluate, instead of the grueling process where they only very slowly realize What Kind of Guy I Am (for better or for worse). I'd have my list of qualifications and merits, maybe a few "disabilities" that a prospective employer should be made aware of, and, of course, a list of references (including my former girlfriend) that a prospective employer could call to get opinions (glowing recommendations, hopefully) from a third party. See, with this Junko thing, I could put, "mature enough to date a woman eight years his senior."

Mother says age doesn't matter too much once you're in your twenties... My aunt is five years older than her husband, my cousin just married a girl 5-7 years older than him, and apparently another of my aunts (who, incidentally, is one of my very favorite people) is fifteen years older than her current boyfriend...

Finally did that French educational voice acting thing the other day. $50 for three hours of work- not bad at all. If you're interested in having greyarea teach you or your children how to speak French, you know where to go.

With my new found cash, I went and bought Cake's new album, Comfort Eagle, yesterday. I've only listened to it about one and half times through so far, but I think it's awesome. Cake is one of the best bands out there. At this point, my favorite songs on the album are "Short Skirt/Long Jacket," "Commissioning a Symphony in C," "Comfort Eagle," "Love You Madly," and "Pretty Pink Ribbon." (Though the award for Best Song Title goes to "Meanwhile Rick James...") Go buy it.

Before I bought this album, the only song I could think of that reminded me of how I felt about Junko was "Jane" by Ben Folds Five, but... now I've got another. "Love You Madly" by Cake. I now reproduce the lyrics, here, for you (if this kind of thing bores you... just skip it!):

i don't want to wonder
if this is a blunder
i don't want to worry whether we're going to stay together till we die
i don't want to jump in
unless this music's thumping
all the dishes rattle in the cupboards when the elephants arrive

i want to love you madly
i want to love you now

i don't want to fake it
i just want to make it
the ornaments look pretty but they're pulling down the branches of the tree
i don't want to think about it
i don't want to talk about it
when i kiss your lips i want to sink down to the bottom of the sea

i want to love you madly
i want to love you now

i don't want to hold back
i don't want to slip down
i don't want to think back to the one thing i know i should have done
i don't want to doubt you
know everything about you
i don't want to sit across the table from you wishing i could run

i want to love you madly
i want to love you now

Apparently they've released a single from the album... anyone know which song that is?

Nearly all of the girls who have been special to me have received nicknames from me from songs that make me think of them... Though most of the time I only use these names in my head when I'm thinking of them... Blue, Little Wing, Kitty Kat, Gypsy Eyes, Kate... Junko's is "Jane" until something better comes along (apparently her roommates last year nicknamed her Jane, as well). Mysteria has not had a nickname bestowed upon her, because none has ever presented itself to me- but lately I'm thinking of "Ana Ng."

Ana Ng and I are getting old
and we still haven't walked in the glow of each other's majestic presence
listen Ana hear my words
they're the ones you would think i would say if there was a me for you

Chuck, also, never managed to receive a nickname. hmm.

I've been listening to They Might Be Giants a lot the past couple of weeks. I don't know why I didn't realize how cool this band is ten years ago...

Anyway, Junko. What can I say? She got me, man. I can't stop thinking about her, and I want to be with her all the time.

i want a girl with a short skirt and a long jacket,



we are building a religion
we are building it bigger
we are widening the corridors and adding more lanes
we are building a religion
a limited edition
we are now accepting callers for these pendant key chains
resistance is useless
it is useless to resist it

Welcome to my world.