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2002-09-08 12:22 p.m.

another round

Well, I'm back in this shit town. I've somehow got a sense of foreboding about this semester. I feel causelessly depressed today. Listless.

Kelly's flying to California on Tuesday to propose to a girl I only just met a week ago. sigh... Apparently he's known her for seven years, though. Dave seems to be heading towards matrimony, too.

My junior and senior prom dates are both married now. In fact my junior prom date has gotten married and had a baby since the last time I talked to her. Is it possible it's been so long since I saw her?

Things with Junko are weird right now. She's graduated. She doesn't want to be here anymore, but she's hanging around to be with me. I don't know what's going to happen.

I want a tigress, but I always seem to end up with kittens. Kittens are so darn cute, and much more approachable than tigresses...

Life's a journey, you know? And I need a girl who will be my copilot. But I fear Junko would just end up as my passenger.

I miss Japan. I don't miss (not) working all day at the Bright Garden, but I miss the people I met there and the general feel of Japan. I miss Japan's "mojo," if you will. (Hell, even if you won't.)

But now I'm back here as if I had never left, and the whole Japan experience feels like a dream that's fading away...

Maybe I'll seek solace in Final Fantasy. My novacaine for the soul.

someday i'll fly away,