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2000-09-09 15:40:59

man bites dog, then bites self

I realized something recently. I like Rage Against the Machine. Before I had a moderate appreciation of their music because they're so pissed off all the time, and sometimes you need music like that. But I realized that the music of Rage Against the Machine actually has a message. They are trying to get their listeners to change their lives for the better- to stop ignoring all the problems in this world. They come off as pretty radical, but at least they're out their doing what they can to improve the world. (what do i gotta do to wake you up?)

After observing the actions of a fellow male karate-ka with a female karate-ka (whom I am quite fond of) last night (and last spring), I have devised "Greyarea's Basic Rules for How to Get Girls to Like You, for Guys Who Obviously Have No Idea."

1. DON'T flirt unless you are able to tell the difference between flirting and just being annoying or mean. If you are unable to tell the difference, DON'T FLIRT.

2. DON'T take any and every opportunity to touch the girl, especially touching in the form of thigh rubbing (or rubbing of other body parts).

3. In the event you are slapped by the girl in question for breaking one of the above rules, realize that she DOESN'T LIKE YOU and that you should probably just FORGET ABOUT IT.

Following these important steps will help you stay, at the very least, on the girl's "Guys Toward Whom I am Indifferent" list. Which, believe me, is a lot better position than the "Guys I Wish Would Cease To Exist in My Reality" list. How to get on the "Guys Whose Children I Would Like to Bear" list is, unfortunately, beyond the scope of this article.

More helpful tips for every day living, from yer pal, greyarea.

I saw an odd film last night. Even weirder than Project A-ko. It's called "The Forbidden Zone." It was the first film for which Danny Elfman did the music (he also played Satan), in 1980. His brother wrote and directed it. It's one of those things where you wonder if any of it means anything, or if it was all created without any intention of underlying meaning. But, as my roommate said after it was over, "There's nothing wrong with a little surrealist musical pornography every now and again. Or is there?"

I also watched American Psycho last night. I didn't enjoy it. That movie truly was meaningless, unless you count the fact that people in the film industry are sick bastards as "meaning."

i have to return some video tapes...


P.S. Tomorrow is Sailor Mercury's birthday. So reflect on your conduct after pouring cold water on yourself.