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2004-09-12 6:28 p.m.

i'll give you eyes of blue

I'm in Beijing. Been here about 30 hours now.

First rule of traveling in China, according to Yours Truly?

If some dude approaches you in the airport, asking if you need a taxi, tell him to fuck off.

Salespeople are extraordinarily aggressive here, which is a big shock to me coming from Japan where half the time they won't even look at you if you're white. The ability to bargain here is fun, though.

Met up with the tour group that arranges the North Korea stuff, and watched one of the documentaries they worked on- State of Mind. It was absolutely fascinating and made me even more disappointed about not being able to go (if that's possible)...

It'll be interesting to see how it goes for me during the next week.

feeling tragic like i'm marlon brando,