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2003-09-15 9:40 p.m.

nap take nap

First off, right away.

I think I may have mentioned this once before in the forgotten past, but if you've read all or most of this diary and I've never heard from you, I want to.

I'm thinking of one person in particular right now... [puts index finger to temple as if receiving communication from The Void] ...who lives in the eastern time zone... and... has reached these pages by searching the web for "gaijin fever" and "Junko greyarea..." whose ISP is "optonline..."

I assure you my regular readership is quite small, and I'd like to count the regulars among my friends. There's a few other people who've been reading this thing for a while, too, who've never contacted me. But perhaps I should contact them...


Well. We've got another update right on the heels of the last. I'm vaguely in a writing mood, it seems.

And I don't know why, but I always feel slightly embarrassed about entries like the last one where I'm very candid about what I think and feel and I always seem to want to get them in the archive as soon as I can. But I still want it read, and thus refer to it in the next entry.

When I was a toddler, I hated taking naps. I hated it so much, in fact, that it became my own personal brand of profanity. Whenever I was angry at someone, I would say, "You go take a nap," in all seriousness, just as many people say "You go to hell." In fact, when being told it was time for a nap I was known to shout, "Nap take nap!"

Are roaches really all that bad? What about little gnat-things that fly up your nose? Ants? I like ants! Spiders? I like spiders, too! There should be a Bug Anti-Defamation League, or something.

Ummm... going back briefly to yesterday's topic, I don't think that our troops should be pulled out of Iraq at this point. I think we've made a mess and that we are responsible to clean it up. We owe it to the Iraqi people, even if some of them get pissed off about it, to see this through and make sure they end up with a representative government and a stable infrastructure.

a scheme is not a vision,