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2004-09-21 9:51 p.m.

the lizard turned green

Ami... If by chance you're reading this... EMAIL ME, GODDAMMIT!

Alright, I'm back in Japan. I had a very interesting time in Beijing; I do hope to go back again sometime. I'm still preparing a report on all that.

But for now, I'll mention the typhoon we got the week before.

We finally got one that hit us more or less head on. It was fun to watch the rain slant one direction, then see it go calm, and then see it slant the other direction as the center of the storm passed over us. We lost power for few minutes a couple times... There was no major damage in our area.

The shitty part about it all was that, while there were no classes and the students stayed home, all the teachers had to show up to school, anyway. That's Japan for you. They spent the whole day having meetings about... uhh...

Actually, I have no idea what the meetings were about. I think I would have had difficulty paying attention even if they were in English. I spent most of the day scrawling random song lyrics on a piece of paper and pretending to type out the entire text of The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock on the surface of my desk (I did this three times during the course of the day). I think that means I was bored.

Read this. [Ed. note: I was referring at the time to the entry entitled Fahreinheit 9/11, but the later entry is good, too.]

I couldn't get to sleep last night. So, for some unknown reason, I decided I would make a playlist on my mp3 player of all the songs in my collection that have significant Little Wing associations in my mind, putting them in more or less chronological order. I ended up with 46 songs, depression, and less than two hours of sleep.

I think maybe I've figured out why I still think about her so much, one year after the fact. She's the only person who's ever totally devastated me, emotionally. She's the only person to get past my armor in that way.

So far.

Today at school I played tape recorder. I. Had. To. Speak. Very. Slowly. To. Be. Understood.












It was mind-numbing. I can't imagine the kids enjoyed it very much, either.

On a more happy note, my Ben Folds EPs came today. So yay.

there's always someone cooler than you,