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2000-09-24 21:41:31

ravings VIII

WHAT do you take me for? an onion? a nice round juicy onion? bursting with idyllic fluids? only you would be so bold. don't act so surprised. i knew what you were up to. the dog told me. yes, the dog. and the cat. and the canary. and the barnacle on the dinghy of life, too. june. see you. juin. lost in the ordinary. where you went you found what? nevermind. i just sometimes fly with rusted roots. and rusted rails. we wouldn't want to forget about those, now would we?

whiffle balls have too many holes for this puppy. if they would fly south, i would forget all about that incident with the wet spaghetti noodle. holdings are no longer as slippery as autumn, but the pelagic argosy is sinking. the tenebrous tendrils of tortured souls whisper to me above the clatter and din of carbonyl chemistry. she thinks it's too basic. she thinks it's the basis for "more advanced" things. well. then. why? yeah, i was wondering that, too. elven bows are made of wood. but dwarven bows. oh baby i wouldn't like death if death was good. hold on to your bridge. bridge stone. bridge of stone. nihongo, kudasai. don't forget me. i was lost but now am found. when you won't go along. natural content wares well. jagaimo. hitotsu. my vocabulary consists of yins and yangs, and not a few taos. no chi's or ki's, though. mercy no. you can't say no to happiness. it'll burst the bubble she says. it's fragile she says. no don't. don't fear the truth. i won't if you won't. heaven and hell. i'll put myself up for auction. who wants me more? est-ce que tu peux baisser la bass? NON!