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2003-09-29 5:15 p.m.


Let us create more order from chaos. Let us put a little more heat out into the universe so that we can have a little less entropy right here. Let us do this by taking a random set of 26+ symbols and assembling them in defined, information-carrying ways.

We could even just enter kljdsfoiwern3/;xv/.,asmdqirojewikg jnioeqw';lsa,dmva.d,mfa/ weljr932[94048u59mmv,.xchio e90u3902.,/cmveiorjal kd;lfkaoej9 and we still have less entropy than a random set of letters, punctuation, and spaces because an analysis of the above would show that it is not really totally random.

I'm sorry. I just finished Cryptonomicon last night, and I guess my head is still spinning. I LOVE this book. I laughed, I cried, I learned math...

But I suppose it's not for everyone. I notice reading the reviews that opinions diverge wildly on the book. I think that's a good sign. But... People who say the characters were poorly developed are full of shit. People who think Neal Stephenson needed a good editor for this book should go back to their damn Tom Clancy novels and not bitch about wanting to strip this novel of everything that pushes it from being "acceptable" to being "amazing." I do agree that the ending feels a little like he ran out of gas, though...

I'm going to stop writing now on the pretext of doing something productive. Whether I actually will do something productive remains to be seen.

like a child still-born,