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2004-10-02 3:08 p.m.


So of course, the day after bitching about the Japanese English teacher I work with at the middle school (let's call her "Matchan" from here on out), she comes up to me and asks me (in English) to come up with a lesson for the 9th graders on Monday. Perhaps she'll turn out halfway cool, after all. We'll see.

That same day, at lunch, one of the ninth grade boys dragged me into the nurse's office and, with the help of some surprisingly graphic Japanese children's books on the topic, proceeded to explain to me in great detail, in Japanese, how babies are made. The nurse was there the whole time, occasionally supplying him with technical terms he was having trouble remembering. Weird. Japanese culture still throws me for a loop sometimes... But I did pick up some useful new vocabulary from it...

Apparently my absentee ballot application was received, and my ballot will be mailed off in the near future. That's a relief.

I spent fifteen of the last twenty-four hours sleeping. It was great.

Yay for October.

it runs even deeper,