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2000-10-05 02:33:46

everything in its right place

A few quick comments, as I have very little time to waste this week.

Opening night of the play is tomorrow night. We only ran through it all the way through for the first time tonight.

Every night this week I've been aged 40 years through the magic of makeup and latex. It's made me realize what a vain little monster I really am. Though it is interesting to scrape your face off at the end of the night.

I think I might have been rejected by a girl tonight. It can be hard to tell when they won't say what they mean. In any case, I realized tonight that I really have no idea how to tell if a girl likes me. It also reminded me of why I like "Why Bother?" by Weezer so much. Why is it that the people we want and the people who want us are so rarely the same? love stinks

I am the proud owner of the Radiohead album, Kid A (named after the first human clone). I got it the day it was released. I loved it immediately upon listening to it, which is rare. There's a song on there called "The National Anthem." I think that's a great name for a song. If I ever found a country, I'll have a national anthem already set to go. The album itself sounds almost like classical music... It reminds me of Debussy and Charles Ives. Ives especially. I think it will end up being my 2000 Album of the Year. Though there is a voice in the back of my head saying, "These guys are a pack of pretentious assholes, aren't they?" In any case, everyone should go out and buy it right now.

And now that I've finished with today's product plug, I need to go. jikan de wa nai

There are certain songs that are just so powerful that I have to think to myself, "Anyone who doesn't love this song must be dead inside." but i can't imagine my emotional experience is very normal

you've got to feel that in your bones,


i used to fly like peter pan
all the children flew when i touched their hands