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2000-10-10 evening

buried in dead trees

Prepare for incoherence. mebbe.

The play's over and I'm buried in all the homework I haven't been doing, with the play as a questionable excuse.

Had a biochemistry test today. I don't think I bombed it and I know I didn't ace it. Where in between these two extremes I'll land is hard to say. maybe i should start showing up to class I MUST HAVE AN A IN THIS CLASS! I think it is the most information intensive class I have ever taken.

Pre-meds are so annoying.

Right now I'm unsuccessfully trying to kill my infatuation with a certain someone, mentioned in the last entry. In honor of her, I have concocted the longest Japanese sentence yet created by me during my distinguished career of studying the language of the rising sun (hooray for redundancy!). With no further ado, here it is:

"Senshuu watashi wa kirei na onna no hito ni atta kedo, watashi wa dame da kara, kanojo wa watashi o shiritaku nai to omoimasu."

My Japanese is at the point now where I know a lot but can't really understand anything.

Thoughts On the Play, Now That It's Over- I kind of understand now what is going through an actor's mind as they are onstage. For me, it was 60-70% just being the character and 30-40% remembering lines and blocking and other such things. I was often a little nervous before going on, but once out there I pretty much forgot about everything except being who I was supposed to be... And it was really like I ceased to exist in any significant way when I was offstage. Friends said I came out on stage and acted just like I always do. Eccentric, I guess... Anyway, I think I did a damn fine job. One of the guys in the play is directing No Exit later this year... I would love to be in that, but I don't know if I'll have time.

I should be sleeping or studying, not doing whatever it is I'm doing now.

dear diary,

sometimes i wish. that sounds like a good way to start a diary entry, doesn't it? or is it generic?

Duchess wrote me a letter. She's receiving revelation for me again. She came off pretty condescending.

not all who wander are lost,