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2000-10-12 midnight

never mind the bollocks

I am now getting spam offering me millions of email addresses so I can spam people myself. Does that mean I've reached some inner circle of spamees?

I spent 45$ on used CDs and movies tonight. I really ought to stop doing that. I really ought to get a job. You want to know what I got? Yes. You do. I got Bjork's new one, Selmasongs (actually, that one wasn't used), Never Mind the Bollocks Here's the Sex Pistols, Here Today Tomorrow Next Week by The Sugarcubes, the director's cut of Blade Runner (5$!), and Bastard: Resurrection (an anime I thought I'd get because it was only 5$).

I have SUCH good taste. ; > I'm listening to Sex Pistols right now. I've been feeling the need recently to get to know some of the classic punk stuff.

I've got a new roommate. He's from Columbia, and his English isn't much better than my Japanese. He just got into the country a couple weeks ago. He has good musical taste though, and he's quiet so I think we'll get along alright. The person he replaced was disliked by all of us, and he disliked all of us. Everyone was glad for his departure, I think.

I got a 99% on my world music cultures test. Highest score in the class. I just totally kick ass in classes that require me to listen to music. It was good to feel smart again today, because I felt pretty stupid after my biochemistry test yesterday... Maybe music is what I should be devoting my life to...

"This music speaks to me in places I didn't know I had ears."

don't know what i want
but i know where to get it

Latest interesting fact from my acoustics class- Magnetic tapes will actually remain in better condition if you don't rewind them. Rewinding tapes causes the tapes to be wound tighter than necessary, which squeezes the layers of tape together. This can result in areas of higher magnetism imprinting themselves on areas magnetized less completely, resulting in ghost sounds on the tape.

Isn't reading my diary informative?

But honestly, I haven't really felt that my latest entries have been that entertaining, for the most part. You'd tell me if I started sucking, right?

I went to ALL of my classes today. I should get an award.

we're so pretty oh so pretty
pretty vacant

I'm trying in vain to come up with something interesting to say. Maybe I should stop now.

I wasted so much time today. Playing Rampage, buying crap, hanging out with chicks. I seem to be addicted to the use of the word "chick." I just feel all giddy inside when I use it, as if alpha chains containing tight spirals of glycine and proline were jiggling in my tummy. It's a chemical thing.

"His teeth sang in their individual sockets like tuning forks, each one pitch-perfect and clear as ethanol. His bones, beneath the hazy envelope of flesh, were chromed and polished, the joints lubricated with a film of silicon. Sandstorms raged across the scoured floor of his skull, generating waves of high thin static that broke behind his eyes, spheres of purest crystal, expanding..."

don't let it go away,