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2000-10-13 6am

whining whining whining

No, I'm not up unusually early. I was up all night watching crap. Why do I do this to myself? WHY WHY WHY? je suis tellement foutu

My Sailor Moon tapes finally arrived yesterday. I was immersed in love.

Tonight we watched Snow Day, Happy Texas, and Cube. The first two were exceptionally charming movies. Cube was interesting... Very effective, though the acting sucked. It left me feeling all dirty inside. Go watch it and see what I mean.

My roommate swears he saw Beck at the mall the other day. He claims it wasn't just someone who looked a lot like Beck, it WAS Beck. He said he gave him a look like, "Are you..?" And the guy nodded. And Dave gave him the thumbs up. Maybe miracles are possible.

Snow Day and Happy, Texas both made me pine for someone to love. I hate that. i hate feeling... I wouldn't hate it if I had someone who I wanted to be in a relationship with and who reflected these feelings back at me.

i am one pathetic loser

I should get a job. I should start managing my time effectively and being responsible. It would be so much easier if I didn't get along with my roommates. Damn camraderie!

i don't feel a thing
for anybody else
except for myself
my beautiful self

Do I end up saying the same things over and over here? I feel like I'm screaming at a rock, howling into the wind, crying into the ocean. my aren't we feeling poetic tonight?

I feel the need to quote mimi smartypants right now. "If I were in high school right now, I'd have a Cure album on now and be playing with a cigarette lighter while writing a poem that misspells/misuses the words "funeral bier" and "ethereal.""

Watching Sailor Moon tends to give me the impression that Japanese girls are easy.

hitori desu ne,


PS- Tomorrow is just another day.