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2003-10-30 8:32 a.m.

5 years

Nothing like the smell of burnt California in the morning, no sir. Nothing like it.

I watched Waking Life. I found it to be a bunch of vacantly pretentious bullshit- lots of words with nothing to say. But I was only half-paying attention. Maybe it will grow on me if I watch it more. But for now, 1 star.

I also watched White Oleander the other day. After seeing Matchstick Men, I got kind of interested in that Allison Lohman, so I decided to check it out when I saw it was on HBO. Being a foster kid sucks, and damn that movie for making me cry. 3 stars.

there's a world outside

and i know cause i've heard talk

Yup. Feeling a touch isolated here. Yup. Got a job interview in a few days, though.



I said I wouldn't say anything about the Little Wing sicheeayshun, but I'll let dearest Bjork do a little talking for me.

you think you deny me of something
well i've got plenty
you're the one who's missing out
but you won't notice
till after five years
if you live that long
you'll wake up
all loveless
you can't handle love, baby
it's obvious
you can't handle love

you've got your head in the clouds and you're not at all what you seem,