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2001-11-04 1:35 p.m.

i wrote little haiku poems and emailed them to everyone...

Well. No one emailed me to tell me what they did for Halloween. Well you know what? I DIDN'T WANT TO KNOW ANYWAY!!! ; P

When I read these articles about all the different ways America might be vulnerable to attack by terrorists, I just have to think, "Damn, man- don't give them ideas!"

Friday in physical chemistry was a test review. I spent the time writing haikus. In Japanese. I'll write them out for you, and even give you a translation.

haiku mite
ware dekinu

look at haikus
they are too hard to write
i can't do it [this last line is written in archaic Japanese]

kokoro no samusa
atsuku naru

(I) will remember
(My) heart's coldness
will become hot
[Subjects aren't necessary in Japanese, and so I didn't include them here. I put "I" and "my" in parentheses in the translation, but it could just as well be "he" and "him" or "she" and "her" or "we" and "our."]

Thinking of the Fight Club haiku, I wrote this one:

nani mo tokanai

it won't solve anything
it doesn't matter

Then I thought maybe I should write a haiku concerning my immediate environment-

midori kabe
kagaku satori ga
haitte miru

green wall
chemical enlightenment
will try to enter

Then I thought I'd do a cute word play:

ongaku ya
bungaku no nichi wa
ongaku da

music and
literature days
are the study of gratitude
[You'd have to be able to read it in Japanese with the kanji to really understand what I was trying to get at here. So- ongaku in the first line is "music." The gaku in bungaku (literature) and the 3rd line ongaku means "study" or "-ology." The "on" of the third line "ongaku" is a Japanese word meaning "gratitude." So, "ongaku" in the first line is music, and "ongaku" in the third line is a made up word meaning "the study of gratitude."]

Well, I hope that wasn't too horribly boring.

I bought some Björk DVD singles yesterday. I'm very fond of the music on them, but these videos were probably the most disturbing Björk videos I've seen... Anyway, here's the titles I've decided on for them:

All is Full of Love- Björk Robots in Love

Hidden Place- Björk Extreme Close-up

I think I'll do something else now.

y'all don't know what it's like being male middle class and white,