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2003-11-06 10:32 p.m.

fade to delirium

My maternal grandmother is currently in intensive care. She'll probably be okay, but there is reason to be worried...

Moving on, I've decided to do NaNoWriMo! Mysteria asked me to do it with her, and seeing as I have a lot of free time at the moment and need an excuse to write something, I said, "O K !" Then I drafted Dave and Seika to do it, too.

I'm doing another write-up of one of my vaguely disturbing dreams. I find myself injecting a lot of the Zen stuff I've been reading lately, plus a lot of stuff from traditional Japanese culture. I got about 4000 words so far. I'll probably try for another 2000 after wrapping this up.


Can I say something?

I think Punk'd is genius.

I just watched Hillary Duff get car-jacked during a driver's ed lesson, and it was the most beautiful thing I've seen in a long time.

Anyway, this NaNoWriMo seems to draw large numbers of vacantly pretentious assholes, wannabe hacks, and totally sincere hopefuls with a charmingly total lack of talent. I like those last ones best. I wonder which I am?

I seem to really enjoy putting "vacantly" in front of "pretentious."

It's one of my charming quirks.

You mind if I call you Steven?

Or is it Stephen?

Which one, Steve? Huh?


Don't be like that, Steve. C'mon.

I have never made a car go on two wheels when driving really fast around a corner. I think a good goal in life would be to figure out if I would actually like to do that, or not. Once I know the answer to that question, I will know that I am free to die.





Looks like I can die now.



Anytime now...




Hmm. This may take longer than I thought. I'll get back to you.

I think we're infested with roaches. I met one earlier today who was missing one of his big hind legs. His name is Howie. He scuttles and scavenges for a living, but in his free time he enjoys watercolor painting and composing haiku.

I had my interview to become a substitute teacher the other day. Just wait, I'll be putting the smackdown on those little bastards before you can say, "where's my gawdam apple, you little shit!?"

[Disclaimer: The views presented in this diary do not necessarily represent the views of the parent corporate entity, Greyarea the Amazing Stupendous Itinerant Substitute Teacher Extraordinaire! Just to make that clear.]

I could keep going, but I think it'd be best for all concerned if I stopped now. Besides, the Daily Show is on soon.

i am a glow worm,


"Someone once brought me a flower, clandestinely. That means I donít know who it was. And I never saw the flower, either. Maybe they never brought it at all. I donít know." -delirium