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2007-11-10 5:07 p.m.

i trust you'd spit upon my dust

Hey. Thought I'd write a quick word. You know, before I hit the virtual death of "updated more than 3 months ago." Like nearly everyone on my buddy list. [sigh]

I'm in grad school now. I'm actually enjoying it fairly well so far. If you recall, I was a little nervous about how things would go after my slew of rejections, but I've been kicking ass so far. It's even looking like I may be able to research my dream, biological energy production.

Speaking of which, there were some disturbing headlines today. For instance, Oil price rise causes global shift in wealth. The article is even more disturbing, in an insidiously subtle, la de da way. I'd sum up the subtext as "Everyone is either fucked or setting themselves up to be fucked. (Except maybe the Japanese. But they're probably fucked, too.)"

Oh, and how about the latest investing advice on How to Profit From a Police State. First line: "In the midst of a six-year war on terrorism, widening income inequality and a growing fear of immigrants, America has become something of a police state, according to a new study, with as much as 25% of our entire labor force focused on protection rather than production." I guess that's the American way- "Damn, this country's turning into a police state! How can I make money off of this?"

I learned computer programming, by the way. Python. I don't know why I waited so long- it's fun and I seem to be good at it. Programming is like magic- if you can just speak the right words in the right way, (virtual) reality is at your command. (That's kind of suggestive of a story, actually.) Though these days the power that virtual reality has over meatspace reality seems to be vast and growing.

That is, incidentally, one of the things that interests me about biology, particularly biochemistry, molecular biology, and biotechnology. DNA is the programming language of our reality. I'd like to learn that particular language.

WTF's doing okay so far, it seems. She's taken a liking to salsa. Salsa and tofu, actually. She also likes American grapes.

Strange how I feel so pessimistic about the future, yet so happy with my life right now.

mix your blood with my ash,