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2006-11-18 4:23 p.m.

religious conversion

Just outside my window there is a small Shinto shrine in the garden of my landlord. It's quite a picturesque view, actually, which is a major reason I selected this particular room. Every morning and evening I open the window and pay my respects to the god of the shrine. If the weather's nice, I leave the window open while I translate.

Last night, my computer was having problems again, crashing every ten minutes or so. After I finished what I needed to get done last night, I closed her up and went to bed.

This morning I approached my computer with trepidation, worrying that I'd have to do my work for the day at an internet cafe. But, first I opened the window and prayed to the god of the shrine (in Japanese), asking the god to please make my computer work. I turned it on, and voila! It worked. It's worked fine all day, and in fact I set a new record today for total words translated in a day, and I only worked for about six hours.

You know what this means, right? It means that the god of the shrine is real, that the Shinto gods really do hear our prayers, and that Shinto is the one true religion. You must admit, the logic is irrefutable. Consider me converted. From here on, if anyone ever asks you, "Hey, what religion is ol' greyarea, by the way?", you tell 'em, "Aw, that boy? He's true blue Shinto, through and through, boy howdy." (Make sure and use those exact words.)

Anyway, I haven't been updating because I've been very busy working, doing Nanowrimo again (I'm doing 50,000 words of short stories this time- just broke 30,000 words last night), studying Go and iaido, not studying aikido, apparently, and maintaining a girlfriend.

More later.

chiyo ni yachiyo ni,