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2003-11-21 2:28 a.m.

my favorite game

By the way, here's sis's new location.

Junko's dog died.

Junko. Junko. Junko. The opposing camps inside me are still battling it out on that issue. It's my favorite game.

i only know what i've been working for
another you so i can love you more

I think you should turn gay.

Alternatively, you could experience a layman's discussion of string theory.

I had a cricket chirp while sitting in my hand the other night. That was nice.

The novel is coming along. It's starting to get heavy. Poor guy.

Who are you going to support for president?

It seems like it should be time for some late night ramblings.

I have an unhealthy fixation on spackle.

I want to grab someone by the ears, and then figure out what to do with them after that.

Last night's South Park episode was called, "All About Mormons." It was pretty funny. There were a few good natured jabs, but actually, the Mormons came off looking pretty good. I'm sure a lot of them will get upset about it, anyway. Getting upset about stupid shit is fun!

Oh, yeah. Yesterday I made a burrito. But the refried beans were a little too hot, and when I took my first bite, scalding squishy stuff burned the roof of my mouth. I had a blister on my palate all night. Today it's just really raw. Good times. Good times.

my heart is black and my body is blue,