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2008-11-30 11:39 p.m.


Dear Diary,

You know I tell you everything. And so I have a confession. I saw the movie Twilight yesterday. And I enjoyed it. Embarrassing, it's true. But there's a starry eyed romantic in me, and whenever he and the little goth kid in me join forces (which happens more often than you might think), trouble results. This movie was clearly made specifically to please both of them, and it certainly didn't hurt that it was set in my favorite part of the country and that my favorite piece of music was given a fairly prominent role. I dreamt about it all last night. WTF, however, found it boring, and said I am far better-looking than the male lead. She knows what I like to hear.

Of course, I find problems when I think about it. He's a hundred years old, and she's seventeen? Is that even legal? It's not particularly mysterious why she likes him- attractive, mysterious, talented, dangerous and yet noble. In short, everything a teenage girl looks for in a man. But what does he see in her? Clearly there is the presence of at least two varieties of lust, and perhaps a condescending desire to protect. Is this anything to base a relationship on? In high school the answer is clearly "yes," but you'd think the 100-year-old dude would know better.

It reminded me of when I was seventeen, actually. I, myself, was once a teenager in all-consuming, world-ending, Romeo-and-Juliet forbidden love. And when I think about that in connection with this film, it makes me sad, because I now know that that kind of love doesn't always age well. But if I don't think, I like the film a lot. Let's hope I don't go so far as to read the book.

Tangentially, today in the grocery store I was for some reason reminded of a girl I knew in high school. She was in my French class in 10th grade. I think perhaps I had a dream about her recently. She was clever, reasonably cute, and interested in me. But I was already greatly in the thrall of Duchess at the time, and anyway, she was not of the Faith. I wonder how the trajectory of my life might have been different if she had ended up as my high school girlfriend instead of Duchess.

In closing, WTF has decided that "poopoo road" is the proper English for "large intestine," and "poopoo exit" is the proper word for "anus."

lips are near but my heart is far away,


P.S. So, it's official- conservatives are in the thrall of the dark side. Or at least more prone to negative emotions. Didn't anyone ever tell them that "fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering?" Ironic, given that one of the most common commands in the Bible is some variant of "be not afraid."