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2001-12-03 7:26 p.m.

why i am a geek and things to do tomorrow

I just went to a white elephant party. I managed to come away with a CD entitled "More Surf Legends (And Rumors)." Quite a find, I think. It's cool.

I watched a Julia Stiles movie last night called Wicked. It was... disturbing.

I saw the Harry Potter film. It was good, but I think the story just works better in book form.

I finally saw Swordfish, too. It was better than I thought it would be.

I watched a really odd anime the other day called "Party Night." I also watched a subtitled version of the Escaflowne movie, which was pretty cool. A lot more brutal than the series.

What else? I went to Las Vegas for the Thanksgiving break. I had a nice time. Finished Summoner. I liked the game a lot, but somehow the ending left me hanging. What happened to Joseph?

My roommate recently finished Final Fantasy 9 and just started on Final Fantasy 8. It really makes me want to play it again... Maybe he'll let me use his memory card. (Note to self: The last thing you need right now is to start playing a video game ten hours a day!) I'm planning on spending most of Christmas vacation playing Final Fantasy 9. Maybe I'll try to finish up 5, as well...

This surf rock CD is cool.

Oh- I saw the Blue Man group while I was in Las Vegas. I was a little apprehensive about going- frankly I found those Pentium commercials disturbing- but it was really good. I'm converted. I recommend checking them out if you're ever in a town where they play.

Two weeks till finals start. gambatte, greyarea-kun!

I should write a letter to my brother. I should learn Japanese and French. And biochemistry. I should get a good amount of sleep tonight. I should make kanji cards. I should try to shower more often. I should see if I can grow a beard just by force of will. I should recognize that pleasure is the seed of pain and pain is the seed of pleasure. I should try to understand the roots of my fascination with the word "spackle." I should play my guitar and clarinet more. I should either stop sleeping or stop waking up. I should finish Diablo II. I should convince everybody that the red white and blue Idaho license plates are the best license plates in the country. I should try to get my roommate to build me a gundam. I should get going on designing that army of genetic mutants. I should make golden mice and send them to all of my friends. I should learn how to re-set a dislocated arm. I should practice smelting. I should sniff my dead rose more often. I should consider "gleaning" as a career. I should drink as much water as I can and then have my roommate punch me in the stomach until I pee my pants. I should try mowing a lawn with a pair of scissors. I should have people start calling me "The-One Armed Bandit." I should have my right hand teach my left terrible things. Or perhaps I should not let my left hand know what my right hand is doing. I should maybe give away my copy of Kriss Kross's second album.

you're my friend, right?


p.s. This surf rock CD is swell. Keen, even.