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2002-12-10 11:28 p.m.

the price of my soul and apathy


I was curious about why some Republican folks are so slobbering pissed off about the US being part of the United Nations. So, I went and looked at this site, a link I got courtesy of some local politician type. And of course, it's chock full of deceptive, paranoid, xenophobic, racist rhetoric. Besides ultimately being another marketing scheme plotting to part fools from their money. sigh. I'm hoping current attitudes are a temporary "fad" and not indicative of where this country's heading over the next century.

Whenever someone tells me they're majoring in marketing, I always want to say, "Oh, right! Satan's major! Good luck with that." So often it seems to be little more than the art of deception, you know?

Speaking of which, I hope the money I make selling home security doesn't come at the cost of my soul. They've got this spiel we're supposed to do, using smoke and mirrors to bamboozle the customer into signing up for service. If the product is so damn wonderful and the deal we're offering is so great, why don't I start straight out with that? I guess the idea is to use every little thing that will increase your chances of getting a sale, of engaging the customer in a dialogue... But how am I supposed to get the customer to trust me when the first words out of my mouth obfuscate my true intentions?

Kelly will be doing this with me, and he thinks the summer will likely be spent trying to ignore the upper management and their sales tactics. Kelly's currently working as a telemarketer, and has become the top salesman in his company by doing just that- ignoring company smoke and mirror tactics and just being straight with people. Anyway.

I think I hate sales people and the sales business. But I am intent on learning the tricks of their trade and making some money in the process. I'm the kind of person who does things just to prove that I can. This is one of those things.

The Junko thing may be sliding further. I don't know.

I have this impression I do, of puking and then swallowing it. I think it's pretty good. I'll show it to you sometime.

I saw the premier of Colin Quinn's new show,"Tough Crowd," last night. It was trying to be Politically Incorrect, but it sucked a lot more. Quinn wants so badly to be Dennis Leary...

I'm feeling very apathetic this week.

Go to class? I'd rather not.

Leave bed? Ugh. Later.

Eat? Maybe tomorrow.

Breathe? Do I really have to?

Carry out cellular respiration? But it's so much work!

Think? Wha... ?

I want to live and work in Paris, starting next fall. Anyone have any thoughts on how I should go about doing this?

et les fruits passeront la promesse des fleurs,