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2002-12-17 12:09 a.m.

def leppard and one down

Unbelievably, I just got back from a Def Leppard concert, complete with one-armed drummer. Someone I know really liked them in high school, so she dragged me along with her to see them.

They played a lot of "new" stuff. But they're stuck in a time warp. Getting a little pudgy, too. With fashion taste that isn't gaudy or flamboyant; it's just pathetic.

I was worried there wouldn't be, but at the end there was an offer to be a rocket, yeah, as well as a request for sugar pouring.

Hell, if they woulda just done the sugar pouring song and got the hell out of there I woulda got everything I came for. Wouldna had to stand there for two hours while they play all their "new" songs.

In other news, I got one I finished yesterday, and I got 2.6 to go.

one down and 2.6 tomorrow and i'm out of here,


P.S. Did I tell you I saw Beck a few weeks ago? It was amazing. I'm also going to see Red Hot Chili Peppers this Friday, for $22. Alternatively, I could wait a few days and see them in Vegas for $125.