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2003-12-17 7:43 p.m.

tricksy hobbitses

Well. I've been awake for about 28 hours straight now.

I am a geek, and here's why:

This morning at around 4am, I put in the extended version of Fellowship of the Ring (and then watched it). I chased that with The Two Towers... Which was interrupted by me and the parents going to a 9:30am showing of Return of the King. Then we came back and I watched the last hour of The Two Towers. Then ma and I went back to catch another showing of Return of the King at 2:45pm. Ma is pretty cool sometimes. So, basically I watched the first two movies once, and the last two times, all within about a 15 hour time frame. And I had seen Return of the King twice by 7pm opening day. I had some trouble staying awake during the first half of the second viewing, but once those elephants started attacking, I was there, dude.

After I got back I did some dishes, got online and read some diaries and email, and then updated this mofo. I'll probably go to bed after this, and wake up tomorrow at some reasonable hour like 8am.

Do you even have to ask? 4 stars

It was sublime.

Superb, Joe. Superb.

I can almost forgive people who consider themselves Lord of the Rings fans without ever having read the books, just because these movies are so awesome.


I think it's good to take a day, every once in a while, and think about nothing but the Lord of the Rings.

That said, now for something completely different!

The other day we went and saw Timeline, because it was mummy's birthday and that's what she wanted to see, because she had read the book. ...Even though she almost always hates movie versions of the books she's read. I had not planned on seeing this movie at this time, having filled my Paul Walker quota for this year. There's something about that guy's characters that always makes me want to strangle them, and this film was no exception. However, it did appeal to the archaeology geek in me. I just wish they'd been consistent in their "effects of time traveling" rules- you know, have the effects of your time traveling already taken place in your present because your actions were in the past, or have they not taken place because in your present you haven't yet changed the past? You gotta pick one and go with it, man, you can't just pick and choose. I mean, c'mon. Oh, and another bit about this film- once you learn who's travelling to the past, you know right away who's coming back and and who isn't. It was pretty well by the book. 2 stars

Oh, and that Hiroyuki Sanada, the guy who was so cool in The Last Samurai? You know, the guy who beats the hell out of Tom Cruise all the time? He was the gruff bordering on assholyish ex-husband in The Ring. Like, the Japanese version. He is effing cool.

Sometimes I don't feel like using profanity.

It loses its punch if you toss it around too casually, you know.


go now and die in what way seems best to you,