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2004-12-28 9:49 a.m.

pralines and dick

Yo. Sup.

I was very, very sick a week ago. Last Monday night it started. During the course of the night I came up with a mental draft for an exceptionally depressing god-just-kill-me-now style entry about it. The problem was that I was too fucked to sit at a computer for long enough to type it out. I thought about trying to write it out by hand in bed and then enter it later, but even that seemed like a bit more than I wanted to take on at the time.

I'm not feeling nearly so hopeless now, though. Suffice it to say that greyarea hereby recognizes that he lives in constant danger of complete and total disaster and promises to be more careful in the future.


Though admittedly he has promised this before. He just feels you should test your limits periodically in order to make sure they're still where you left them. In his case- yes, they're still there!

He also likes to think there's a reason he tends to refer to himself in the third person when discussing things like this.

What else... Kami took me to Costco! There is a Costco in Fukuoka! I got taco shells and taco seasoning and tortilla chips and salsa and root beer. ROOT BEER, I TELL YOU! It was great. I was salivating so much I had to slurp it back.

What else, what else... I've suddenly been forced to decide immediately where to apply to graduate school.

And... Oh, yes. Kami's ex-boyfriend has threatened to kill me. (He's in Canada now.) Oh, boy! My first death threat! It seems this boy has become a man. But, no biggie. It seems that's just how he shows he hates you. And... He hates everyone. (Like, all of her friends, for instance.)

He's a bitch.

He's ordered her to stop seeing me. He's also been insisting she tell him everything she does on the weekends, who she does it with, etc.

The funny thing is, he's the one who dumped her. But now he thinks he made a mistake and has suddenly become quite possessive. I keep telling her that, independent of whatever may or may not happen between us, she really needs to cut this guy off. She seems to think that he's the only person who ever really loved her, or some stupid shit.

"[Your Ex] is not your friend. [Your Ex] is no one's friend. If [Your Ex] was an ice cream flavor, he'd be pralines... and dick."

Oh yeah, I took her to see Howl's Moving Castle, too. (She was surprised because her ex never once paid for her portion of ANYTHING during the two and a half years they were dating.) I caught a lot more of it this time. Afterwards when I quizzed her on the parts I wasn't clear on, she couldn't answer a single one of my questions. So, I guess I understood it well enough.

We're in trouble. Big trouble. (Is this old news? I dunno. Anyway, alternate take on the second article here.)

No school for me for a while. Did I mention I'm going to Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand in about a week? I definitely need the break. I'm tired of being sexually assaulted by four year olds.

a smattering of distant applause is ringing in my poor ears,