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2000-02-12 13:54:15

halcyon is a great word

don't you tell me to smile
you stick around i'll make it worth your while

I like Beastie Boys. They're probably to closest thing to rap that I enjoy. Yes, they're white. I liked African American music better when it involved saxophones and guitars and blues scales and mixolydian modes. And trumpets. I don't know why trumpets gets its own sentence- trumpet players are generally obnoxious people, but sometimes things just happen, you know? Let me ask you, dear reader, what effect is the author looking to... effect by giving "trumpets" its own sentence? What does it tell you about the author's soul? What reasons do you think the author has for referring to himself/herself in third person and as neutral gender? You should be able to get at least a page of analysis from these questions. Get to work, now.

Well, I didn't go to French all week, though I was feeling amazingly better Tuesday morning. I should probably find out what I'm supposed to have done for next Tuesday. I'd almost rather remain in blissful ignorance... The class is kind of annoying you know? I'm feeling pretty apathetic today.

I have to compete in some waltz competition Tuesday. I think I was supposed to get together with my pard to practice today. I have her phone number and she has mine. But neither of us has bothered to call the other. But hey, later is a good time to do anything, right?

Well, I've got a list of trivial things I want to do before I'll even consider doing the stuff that has to get done, so I'd better be off.

halcyon orbital written in hand,