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2002-05-12 12:44 a.m.


Well, I am in the midst of packing. I leave for Japan tomorrow at about 11:30 am. Excitement has given way to nervousness. I assume that'll die down once I get settled there.

After spending 13 or so hours on the plane I will arrive at about 6pm Japan time. My first order of business will be to take the Narita express #38 to Tokyo station. From there I find a train to Shinjuku station. Then I take the Azusa limited express to Matsumoto, arriving there about midnight. Supposedly someone will be there to pick me up. After that? No idea.

And, due to lack of planning (laziness, really) it looks like I won't be able to take my guitar. Dammit. I am bringing my clarinet, Rusty, along. Rusty recently had major reconstructive surgery. It was expensive, but he looks seven years younger and plays like a dream. I, on the other hand, have not played Rusty for about 9 months, due to Rusty's health. I do not play like a dream.

The reason I have not studied Japanese, made any trip preparations, spent time catching up with my internet friends, or even left the house this last week is because I've been playing Final Fantasy games at least 10 hours a day. To be precise, I finished up 9 and got about 75% of the way through 10. Those damn things swallow my soul once I get started...

I'll only be in Japan for about three and a half months. Which, by my calculations, is just long enough to start getting used to it. I wish I could stay longer.

Well, I'll try to get an entry up as soon as possible after I get there. But in case I don't- see ya at the end of August.

And do stop by if you happen to be in Matsumoto this summer...

climbing the walls,