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2000-05-17 16:57:30

prelude and disjointedness

Well, kids, guess what? I'm going to a Smashing Pumpkins concert. Tonight. I'm leaving in a mere two hours. It'll be cool. I've never actually been to a full scale concert before- though Megadeth passed through my home town this year, and acts like Great White and Motley Crue have been know to make appearances in the area... Anyway, yes. I will see and hear Billy Corgan, James Iha, and Jimmy Chamberlin, in the flesh, tonight. Tonight, tonight. And I suppose Melissa Auf Der Weir will be there, too. It'll be cool.

It seemed like I had more to write about when I was thinking about this earlier...

People who get doctorates are called Doctor. So how come people with master's degrees aren't called Master?

I would like to visit Morocco someday.

Is Metallica "The Establishment" now? They kicked my brother off Napster, you know.

I like playing my clarinet. And yet I haven't practiced in nearly a week. And I have another lesson tomorrow. hmm. A guy who just finished a PhD in clarinet performance came in and played with the dinky clarinet section in our band yesterday. He was good. I suck.

Clarinet's great and all, but I can't imagine devoting my life to it- defining myself as "a clarinet player."

J'espère que je ne perd pas mon français. C'est pas à dire que mon français est si formidable maintenant, mais c'est pas mal, n'est-ce pas? Peut-être, autrefois, j'essayerai d'écrire une entrée toute en français, pour que les francophones (s'ils lisent encore ce truc) puissent voir combien mon français est nul. Mais, je dirai ça- mon français est très bon... pour un americain.

You know what? I don't think "hungriness" is a word.

honor not happiness,