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2003-10-24 4:03 a.m.


Someone once said that there are things about which one ought to write a great deal or nothing at all.

The latest drama with Little Wing is one of those things. Suffice it to say that it seems that we are smoke.

Thanks to mysteria and evangeline for receiving my rants on the topic. And thanks to Kelly for the best words of comfort I've received, from the classic film, Swingers:

"She's a sweet girl, and I love her to pieces man, but fuck her."

(Huh. I wonder if she'll read this?)

Ahem. Moving on.

You know, I realized the other day that something good has come from my scarcely leaving the house the past couple of months: some pretty productive self-analysis. About five years ago I found my whole worldview suddenly erased, and I was left with virtually no beliefs or opinions. I knew what I thought was wrong, but I had no idea what was right. This state of confusion was pretty well where I lived the past several years.

But since having a great deal of unstructured time to myself recently, I've been thinking. Which has resulted in me writing at length on various topics: I wrote about politics in here, I wrote about spirituality to seika, and just the other day I wrote a monstrous email on ethics (among other things) to mysteria. I'm one of those people who's never sure exactly what he thinks until he's written it down. But after reading some of the stuff I've been writing lately, it seems that all this thinking has resulted in me pulling together and concatenating all the thoughts and experiences of the last five years into viewpoints, opinions, and maybe even beliefs. A philosophy of life, maybe. Weird.

But the answers to many questions, such as what I want to do with my life, how I want to prioritize my personal versus professional life, and many others remain elusive. But I don't necessarily need answers to those right this second, I guess.

And speaking of lots of free time, here's some linkage:

Elliot Smith died. That sucks.

Another Bush-is-stupid article.

Mother Teresa. Did you realize?

Like most Americans, I'm inclined to be charitable towards Israelis. However, some of the things they do piss me off. Why do they insist on occupying areas that were never part of historical Israel, anyway? Why do they consistently treat the Palestinians like sub-humans? This article is a good example of some of the things that make me uncomfortable, if not downright angry, with Israel. But Palestinian terrorists do not help in garnering my sympathy for the Palestinian cause. In fact, it's because of the terrorists that I wasn't aware for a long time that there was any reason to have sympathy for the Palestinian cause. These two sides just have so much irrational hatred for each other, and there's no way in hell either group is going to leave that area. It doesn't seem like they will ever allow a reasonable solution.

Oh- another little book report. Mapping the Mind by Rita Carter. This book or something like it should be required reading for anyone who wants to talk authoritatively about the human mind, how it works, and why people do what they do. Highly recommended.

"There is no ghost in this place, no monsters in the depths, no lands ruled by dragons. What today's mind voyagers are discovering is instead a biological system of awe-inspiring complexity. There is no need for us to satisfy our sense of wonder by conjuring phantoms- the world within our head is more marvellous than anything we can dream up."

Alright, I've gone on long enough.

no one will ever know the reason for the tears,