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2000-11-17 time to be asleep

american dreams

Hello kids.

Apparently the publisher is out of stock of the box set of the Kaze No Tani No Nausicaa manga translation. That makes me feel sad inside.

I'll be acting in a 12 minute scene taken from Blackadder. I'll be Captain Darling. I think I could do a good job with the part of Blackadder himself (better than the guy who got the part), but I'm not the director, am I? I don't think I really care, anyway.

I'm starting to hate my bank. Bastards, they are.

Have you ever sat down to write and realized you had nothing to say?

Saw Little Nicky. It was good.

samwich. ; P

beef stick.

Orange is one of my least favorite colors. It's alright in some contexts. I hate seventies color schemes. They're like a mixture of vomit and feces.

My roommate thinks he's found the girl he's going to marry. He's known her for a few months now- he's been dating her for a few weeks. He said this about the last girl he dated, too. He claims he gets more mature after each one. He goes through girls faster than I go through clarinet reeds. He's what you would call a "serial monogamist." He means well, though. And who knows? Maybe this time it'll last.

In said roommate's defense, though, he's generally pretty level headed. except when it comes to girls

The other day I put a USED sticker on my forehead and left it there the rest of the day. Because that's how I felt- USED! I have been ground between the gears of this educational machinery, which has been irrevocably set into motion by narrow minds whose vile design's true and most heinous purpose is to siphon the will to live of those who are most dangerous to the status quo! This is not education- this is INDOCTRINATION! OK, that's a bloated exaggeration, but sometimes my life could use some embellishment.

compromise conformity
assimilation submission
ignorance hypocrisy brutality the elite
all of which are american dreams
all of which are american dreams

I could write lyrics for Rage Against the Machine. If they were still in existence. Ben Folds Five broke up, too! Do you want me to start buying Creed albums? Is that your game? Because what the hell am I supposed to do if all the cool bands break up?

I got an email today saying, "You have earned 100 or more hours towards your degree and have not yet applied for graduation. We encourage you to do this as soon as possible." I am at least 20 months away from graduating. I am nowhere near being ready to graduate. i am about as close to graduating as (insert witticism here)

20 months. damn.

I hate it when people spell "dammit" as "damnit." I really don't think that's how it should be spelled. Because that is not "dammit," it's "dam-nit," dammit!

"in england everyone only has one spoon"

got to find a reason why my money's all gone

nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide

flavin adenine dinucleotide

adenine triphosphate

Where would we be without them?

I know the kanji for the last names of all the Sailor senshi except Jupiter now.

"watashi ga... yoikochan desu."

fist in the air in the land of hypocrisy,