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2000-11-05 evening

this one's optimistic

So, I just checked my email. 12 pieces of spam mail. They're starting to figure out the tricks to get around Hotmail's spam protection. ; P (i'm happy with the current size of my penis, thank you)

So, last time I wasn't in such a good mood. Such moods are when I most feel like writing... And if I can't write that crap here, where can I write it?

Yesterday. Yesterday I spent three hours competing at a ballroom dance competition. Me and my partner made the first cut, not the second. I'd like to blame it on her, but I'm not 100% sure I don't suck, so I won't. But here's something she said right after the first round that kind of annoyed me- "I wasn't thinking about my footwork at all- I didn't want to overdo it." WHAT? If there's one thing you want to make sure and pay attention to, it's your footwork, sweetheart. And OVERDOING IT is what latin dancing was made for... Oh well- I had to go take a quiz anyway. It was still fun.

So anyway, after taking the aforementioned quiz (on the citric acid cycle (and related things like the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex and the glyoxylate cycle (do I sound smart or pretentious when I drop phrases like that?)), which I now know in intimate detail), I went with my roommates to see Charlie's Angels. It was... everything I expected and hoped it would be... It was exactly what it should have been, and I was very much pleased by it. that lucy liu is one piece of ace...

Then I came back and sat through SIX AND A HALF HOURS of the ballroom dance competition- the finals for the day's events, plus a performance by a world famous couple (Massimo and Alicia (I guess they don't need last names anymore), if you've heard of them). I can't believe I sat there that long. I saw some pretty amazing stuff. I finally figured out the difference between waltz and Viennese waltz. I also realized what cabaret actually is. It's pretty intense stuff- practically intercourse set to music- but a little too schmaltzy for me. Oh- my former partner and her new partner (actually, I think they were dancing together before I got randomly stuck with her) got second place.


I have nothing else to say at this time.