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2002-12-21 2:41 a.m.

a hallowed subcategory

You know, only a small group of people- an elite, you might call them- have seen the Red Hot Chili Peppers live in a snow storm.

Yes, I am a member of the elite.

No, you may not touch me.

In other news, Junko and I went and saw The Hot Chick tonight. ...And I really liked it. I think Rob Schneider's got a winner this time. Anna Faris was DARLING. I want to squeeze her like a teddy bear. I didn't realize she was the Scary Movie chick- I didn't care for that one so much. Anyway, I liked the Hot Chick. It definitely gets three stars, and may be upgraded to four if it ages well. But that remains to be seen.

Also, we watched the last episode (#76) of Marmalade Boy tonight. sigh... It's tough saying goodbye, but the time has come... I still have no idea why I like that damn show, but it's weaseled itself a permanent place in my heart. I'm such a sissy.

slowly learning that life is okay,