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2002-06-28 5:46 p.m.

erase and rewind

I thought I'd try and squeeze in an entry before the end of the month.

So, I'm going to a 24-hour rave tomorrow night. I've never been to a rave. But that's not all- I'm on the guest list. I have never been on a guest list before, either. I don't have to pay 50 bucks to get in. I could even bring someone along with me, and they could get in free. If I had someone to bring along. Anyway, yeah. I gots connections, yo. I know people. If you know what I mean. Should be a trip.

The following is printed on the spine of some of the binders they have sitting around the office: "It arranges various information rationally, neatly and pleasantly. It makes your office environment progressive. It makes all office workers more bright, creative, and intelligent."

But get this- turns out it's just a normal binder... It's not even a three-ring binder, it's a two ring binder. Talk about crap. And it sure don't make me more bright, creative, and intelligent. Japanese English advertising is quickly teaching me that product claims and product reality are often widely separated. I can feel my innocence draining way, like a flushed toilet. It's sad, really.

And this is not exactly what I'd call a "progressive work environment." You know that scene in Zoolander, where they're like "The files are IN the computer?" and they start smacking the monitor and jumping up and down, squealing? Well, the people here aren't too far past that in their computer literacy. Japan as a whole has been pretty slow to get on the PC bandwagon...

Anyway- some album/movie thoughts.

Gran Turismo, by The Cardigans. I first heard this album last summer, when my sister put it on while we were driving across Nevada on our way to California. I was a little annoyed that she put it on at first, but I was absolutely shocked by what I heard. The Lovefool sound is nowhere to be found here. It was... dark, and even... brooding (you all know how much I love to brood. i'm a brooding fool. brood brood brood morning and night, that's me!). And it was perfect driving-across-the-desert music. I decided then that I would buy that album sometime, and a couple of weeks ago, I did. And I love it. The whole album fits right in with where I am in my life right now. Erase/Rewind is one of those songs whose mood is just so ME that I just listen to it over and over.

Lessee- I saw Shadow of the Vampire. Disturbing. Willem DaFoe was great. But I don't like movies that take place in foreign countries where everyone in the movie speaks English with the accent of that country. 3 stars.

Say It Isn't So- Kinda funny, but felt a little strained and formulaic. Like every ten minutes I'd check my watch and say, "Oh- looks like it's time for another gross out gag." And there it would be, right on schedule. 2 stars.

Where the Heart Is- Liked it. 3 stars.

Billy Elliot- Would be cool if it was based on real events, but as it is it's just a nice story. 2 stars.

Okay, I'm done.

i'm worth a million in prizes,