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2001-02-22 1:30am

damask rose

The soundtracks I ordered came today. Blade Runner, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and Princess Mononoke. In honor of this, the only good thing that happened today (that and watching Vanilla Ice's movie, "Cool As Ice"), I'm gonna list for you the soundtrack albums I own. In alphabetical order, of course:

10 Things I Hate About You (Loved the film when I first saw it- of course the "soundtrack" doesn't have most of my favorite songs from the movie...)

The Crow (Didn't see the movie until about five years after I bought the soundtrack- I like the soundtrack better.)

The Crow II: City of Angels (Haven't seen this movie, don't plan to. Regret purchasing the soundtrack.)

Dancer In the Dark (Haven't seen the movie, but would love to. More comments on this album below.)

Danny Elfman: Music for a Darkened Theatre (Anyone interested in movie soundtracks should own this- though I only have volume one...)

Interview With the Vampire (Love this one. Also owned the soundtrack long before I ever saw the film. The music captures the essence of the book much better than the movie itself does, if you ask me.)

Lost Highway (Never seen the movie, probably never will. Great music, though.)

The Matrix (I'm pleased with this purchase.)

Mortal Kombat (Hey- I thought the movie was fun. The soundtrack ain't half bad, neither. Got me started on Gravity Kills.)

Space Ghost Musical Barbecue and Space Ghost Surf and Turf (Great stuff, man.)

Spawn (Umm...)

Star Wars (Picked this up on tape for about a buck at a thrift store in Calgary... I can watch the movie in my head while listening to the music... Every day when I would come home from kindergarten, my brother would be watching Star Wars... I've seen it so many times over the years... but who hasn't?)

Wayne's World (This soundtrack was my first step into a larger musical world- I was 12 when I first acquired it on tape... It was my first real introduction to Queen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Jimi Hendrix.)

Wedding Singer Soundtrack- CDs 1 and 2 (The core of my eighties collection.)

Anyway... About Dancer In the Dark. I love Björk... That song "In the Musicals," from that soundtrack... If you replace the word "Musicals" with "Anime," you've got my initial experience with Sailor Moon. In fact, the whole album kind of reminds me of my experience in becoming a raging otaku. Pathetic, I know, but we are who we are, otherwise we wouldn't be who we are, would we?

My Columbian roommate is returning to Ecuador soon (his family now lives in Ecuador, and that's where he was going to school). Turns out he was studying engineering in school down there- came up here to be with his girlfriend, while working at Wendy's. I never even had an actual conversation with him until I asked him why he was leaving. Weird. I think I actually like the guy- and it won't be easy to find a roommate who will tolerate me like he did (though I did my share of tolerating him, too)... I'm a pretty good roommate to live in the same apartment with, but I wouldn't wanna share a room with me... I keep odd hours and listen to loud music, when I'm not studying on my bed... I might be something of a shut-in (to use the popular term of the day).

I'm considering pursuing a relationship with the girl who sits next to me in band (sounds straight out of high school, doesn't it?)... But something in me is shouting at me that it's just going to result in someone's heart getting broken. hearts are fragile toys- it's easy to forget

I haven't updated for a while. I've been insanely busy. Still am. I don't really have the time to be writing this... I bought more cursed anime last weekend (curse this Replay card!)- I may have to sell my CD-ROM drive to keep myself fed for the rest of the semester...

Also watched Little Monsters and UHF last night- a little nostalgia trip. Weird Al is cool.

i don't keep dogs or women in my room,


P.S. Remember me talking about the farce that is student elections at this school? I found out the actual facts- we don't have a student body government here. We have a student service organization which pretends to be a student body government. There used to be an actual student body government, but back in the 60s the school's president got rid of it because he was afraid the students would riot in protest of the Vietnam War. Yay for democracy and the American Way!