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2000-03-02 23:50:06


Well. I've gone and started this, so I suppose I have to write something.


I have a big black and white Smashing Pumpkins poster on my wall. It's my only poster. It has pictures of all four band members, and underneath it says, "Smashing Pumpkins l'orgie sonore." It was printed in France. "l'orgie sonore" means "the orgie of sound" or even "the sonorous orgie." It's cool. On this little corkboard strip above my computer I also have a picture of Julia Stiles torn from an ad in an issue of Seventeen magazine, the karate do shotokai mission statement, and a printout of the Hello Kitty tarot card of Death. Check it out.

Seventeen magazine. There's something to talk about. My sister has a subscription. Odd how most of the readership of Seventeen is fourteen year old girls, isn't it? Anyway, I always love reading it when I'm at home. Makes me laugh. I'm always asking my sister, "Is this really the way girls your age see the world?" Pretty twisted stuff, man.

You know, I've never been accosted on the street and proselyted. But, believe it or not, I have accosted people on the street and proselyted them. Proselyte- doesn't that sound like something illegal? Like, something really nasty? Yeah, I guess it really doesn't... nevermind.

Apparently I'm going on a date tomorrow. I don't go on dates too often. It puts you in a situation where it's like, "Well, I'm a boy and you're a girl, so we'd better act out our parts." And I don't like doing it.

I'm sometimes considered a little antisocial. Oh well.

I've been told I look like an animé character. I think that's pretty cool.

Well, I think I've rambled long enough. I gotta go to classes and stuff tomorrow.

living in a room full of mirrors,