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2000-03-07 23:04:44

more incoherencies

Guess what. "Weird" Al Yankovic is NOT, repeat, NOT related to Frank "Polka King" Yankovic. I just always kind of assumed, you know? But, no. Tis not so.

I'd like to do a punked out version of "It Ain't Me, Babe" by Bob Dylan. I bet it would sound cool, and it pretty well describes my general attitude towards girls around here.

I got the highest score in the class on my Japanese test today. (dances a jig) oh yeah... oh yeah... oh yeah... watashi wa ichiban desu yo! I'm sure tomorrow's organic chemistry test will restore my humility, though, seeing as I've barely even looked at the stuff outside of class the last month.

I slept through French again today. Later on in the day I ran into my professor. She says to me (in French), "Are you taking too many classes? Because in summer [I took a class from her last summer term] and during the beginning of the semester you were a lot more... visible." I stumble around a bit trying to come up with something to say- don't come up with much. Maybe... "Umm, well, you're great and all, but I hate your class." or.. "You know, I'd really like to show up to class and stuff, but when I'm up all night brooding over my status as a rat in a cage, sometimes it's hard to get my ass to class in the morning. I'm sure you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about, eh? [wink wink, nudge nudge]"

Last semester started off horribly and got better. This semester started off great and then got horrible. I must be on some two month cycle or something.

When I was born, my eyes were blue. Around age 8, they started turning hazel. Around age 16, one started heading towards brown and the other back towards blue. Now they're both slightly different colors- but clearly different. They tend to change color by the day as well- they're usually somewhere between blue, brown, hazel, and grey. I like to think it's a physical manifestation of the duality of my soul. (Man, I'm so artistic. And to think I write this stuff for free...)

btw- If there's anyone out there reading this who hasn't already given me a cyber shout-out, I'd certainly like to hear from you. Thanks to unkabob and me ol' pal mysteria for making me feel... uhh... good. or something...

If yer looking fer the best word choices this side o' the Snake River, just stop by ol' greyarea's, and you'll get all the best words fer the best price, gare-uhn-teeeed. (some restrictions may apply)

I like quotes. Let's have some quotes here. How about some apocryphal Billy Corgan quotes? Sound good? Okay.

"If practice makes perfect and nobody is perfect, then why practice?"

"Well, I didn't make the team, so rock 'n roll was the next thing."

"Stay in school. Lie to your teachers, but stay in school."

"Well, usually I wait until the end of the show to apologize for sucking, but I'd like to take this oppurtunity to say that we suck, so sorry. I guess what we need to do is play some Stone Temple Pilots or Bush."

"My view of the world is always tempered by the fact that there are people who are less fortunate than I am."

"I want our music to come across as if someone is whispering into your ear and going right inside your brain."

i shall be free of these voices inside me,