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2000-04-12 17:50:38

hail the conquering hero

Today was the last day of classes. Finals start Saturday. I'll be leaving for San Diego next Wednesday morning, hopefully. Still need to find a place to live...

Well. I talked my dear old (actually he's not very old) organic chemistry professor. Seems I have successfully surmounted the bell shaped curve. All hail to mediocrity, king of the mountain! (hail the conquering hero) He said my test scores are "solid," so he's satisfied that I've learned the material, but little details such as showing up for quizzes and turning in homework have dragged me down. I'm probably in a similar situation in my French class, where my lowest grade on a paper is a 90, but attendance and other such trivialities probably don't bode well for my actual grade. Organic chemistry and French are my earliest classes- at 8am and 9:35am, respectively. Coincidence? Or... ?

Next fall I have biochemistry at 9am three days a week. Heaven help me... And it's important that I do well in that class, because the professor who is teaching it is the one I want to work for. Perhaps I'll be able to clean up my act by then, but history is not optimistic about that prospect... (digging the grave- i got it made)

I hate hate hate hate HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE being average. Just so that's clear.

Grading is tomorrow night, for karate. In all likelihood I will be an orange belt as of tomorrow night. Despite the fact that balance has suddenly left me this week. I haven't been feeling that well the last few days. je m'en balance.

You know why I'm majoring in biochemistry? Just to see if I like it. Post graduation plans may or may not involve biochemistry. Maybe I should have just gone for the default English major. ... Let's not comment any further on THAT. I think learning Japanese is probably my biggest academic priority at the moment. hmm.

i'll show them.

I'm afraid I might be vain and materialistic. I don't think I want to be.

come on push it you can do it,