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2003-04-16 2:26 a.m.

the cocoon is beginning to burst

Yes. An entry.

I'm sorry- I've been distracted lately.

First it was the General GRE, then it was that damn Princess Maker again (I guess they won't let you download it anymore- too bad- do read Sharkey's review, though), and then it was the GRE Chemistry Subject Test.

This stuff really makes me sad.

Well, I've spent about a quarter of my life here in this place, but that chapter of my life is coming to an end. I'm feeling a little nostalgic about this town and the metamorphosis I've undergone during my time here, but... I'm ready to get the hell out of here.

"He was no longer in the right place. Everything he had known had become permeated by a hidden death, a solvent of unreality, a sense of belonging to the past. It had all become a makeshift, like worn-out clothing that no longer fitted."

Ah, but I've felt like that for the last four years. But now I'm actually LEAVING! April 24th will probably be my last day here. Feels good.

And not so good.

Because I'll also be abandoning Junko on that day... I'm not sure how we'll deal with that. I'm a little nervous.

I tell ya, if I was just a little bit more stationary in nature, a little less restless... I'd probably marry her. I might still, if our relationship manages to survive me becoming an international man of mystery for a few years.

but i'm not optimistic about that...

In other news, Spirited Away came out on DVD today, and has come back to theatres since winning the Oscar for best animated film. GO SEE IT.

i'm never coming back
i'm never giving in
i'll never be the shine in your spit

they're mistaken; it's them who's faking,