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2000-06-12 23:06:13

report on the sailor moon s dub, first episode OR nooOOOOO!!!!!


The the first episode of the dub of Sailor Moon S (the third season) aired for the first time ever today.

They used the music from the original Japanese episode throughout the episode. That was pretty cool. And the translation was pretty good.

It was edited for content. To be expected.

Luna, Artemis, Jupiter, and Mars had the same voices as in the DIC dub. Everyone else had new voices. The new voices suck, in my humble opinion. Especially Sailor Moon's new voice actor. It sounds like a cheap impression of the old English voice (who I think was Terri Hawkes). [you're not fooling anyone, zoicite!] It boils my blood whenever she talks. ; P Mercury didn't have a whole lot of lines in this episode, but what I heard of the new voice I DID NOT LIKE. It's like you see your girlfriend one day, and her voice is totally different from what it was before- the voice of a totally different person. It's disturbing! I suppose it can't really be helped... I'm sure they tried to get all the originals back... But Sailor Moon's new voice really sucks! Seriously! There's just no way this new dub will be able share space in my heart with the old one... Maybe I'll get used to it. sigh...

I'm not mad, I'm just... disappointed. At least I've still got Jap SM to comfort me...


I know what you're thinking.

Shut up.