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2003-07-06 1:44 a.m.

you think i ain't worth a dollar, but i feel like a millionaire

"Anything that's corporate and large is doomed to be bad." -John Kricfalusi

"Screw you guys, I'm going home." -Cartman

Well, much has happened since I last wrote, much indeed.

A couple of days ago mine and Kelly's employment here came to an unexpected and abrupt end. But they still want 1200 bucks from me and 2400 bucks from Kelly. And we're like, "Uhh... No." I'm not going to go into any more detail here as to what exactly is going on, because in the event that this gets nasty, anything I say could conceivably be used against me in a court of law.

But golly, once I made the decision to leave... I felt great. In fact I was amazed at how happy I felt. It was like my shackles were thrown away and the prison doors were suddenly opened wide. I wavered for about a day, agonizing over what the right decision was, but once I made the decision to leave, I knew it was the right one. To cast off this mindset of "do whatever is necessary to get as much money as you can as quickly as you can," to get away from this situation where people's relative value is judged based on how many sales they get in a month- it felt wonderful. Subsequently talking to my employers about the terms of my release brought me crashing back down pretty quick, of course, but I don't regret my decision at all.

60 hours a week I was dumping into this job, folks. 60 hours a week.

Kids- when you're in a position to choose, never do anything just for the money. It has a tendency to end BAD.

I have learned a hell of a lot from this experience, though. I look back at the me of three months ago... Psht. How naive I was. What was I thinking?

I dunno. I can say "If I knew then what I know now" till armageddon arrives, but really, how else was I to learn what I know now?

This job has really done a good job at confirming my cynical viewpoint of the world, though. I've learned a lot about the way the world works in the last two months. And I do think my people skills have improved vastly, to boot...

I've come to the happy realization that there are just too many things that are more important to me than money.

But I just want to say, "Hey, Former Employer- thank you. Thanks for reminding me. I had forgotten why I avoid situations like this and people like you."

...Which is probably more than I should be saying in a public forum like this, but... Just don't tell anyone, okay?

"Once a person starts getting really, really rich, it's like a narcotic. The most dangerous drug in America, much worse than crack, is money. Once people have it, they start getting obsessed with making more, and they become much more predatory and uncaring toward all those people they're screwing by accumulating so much wealth and property while other people go homeless." -Jello Biafra

even drones can fly away,