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2000-07-13 22:36:30

drew green

So, Tom Green is marrying Drew Barrymore. That basically means that Tom Green is the godfather of Kurt Cobain's daughter. Which is a really weird turn of events, if you ask me. But what girl wouldn't want to marry a dreamboat like Tom Green? ... If being his wife is anything like being his parent or his best friend... have fun, Drew.

Drew Green. Funny name. It's like, the teacher was distributing crayons, and I Drew Green. ... or not... She probably won't take his last name, anyway...

You know that Blink 182 song, "Adam's Song?" I wouldn't really call myself a Blink 182 fan, but I do like that song. I identify with that song. That Papa Roach song is pretty damn good, too.

they call me mr. know-it-all
i am so eloquent
perfection is my middle name
...and whatever rhymes with eloquent...

I should give the gargoyle on my desk a name. I believe he's a replica of a Notre-Dame gargoyle, and he appears to be gnawing on a bone- it might be a femur... Rousseau, perhaps? Or maybe Camus would be better. If you have an opinion on this (which you probably don't, but I thought I'd make a desperate plea for email), let me know!

I'm contemplating putting in an order for $60 of Sailor Moon subs... But only because it's %50 off... Why do I feel the need to do this? [sigh] i dunno... Damn you, odango atama! Release me from the enchantment you have bound me with!

What's a good name for a gecko?

If my life was divided into chapters, this would be an interlude. The next chapter won't start until the end of August.

I like couscous.

I feel like I'm starting to grasp the central concepts of shotokai karate, but I still think I suck.

So... what's up?

you give me that funny feeling in my tummy,


p.s.- Tomorrow is Bastille Day, so go bust your little cohorts out of the local prison (or "corrective facility" as they seem to call them around here- is that supposed to be a joke, or what? where I come from, the county jail is called the County Jail- they don't try and get all cute about what they call it. anyway...). After that, feel free to move on to the wholesale slaughter of all those who might not share your ideals (or anyone else you think ought to be separated from their head)...