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2001-08-04 4:55 a.m.

ravings X

welcome to the monkey house. we missed you. please fly in between doors, NOW. thanks there, tiger. other languages. furansugo to nihongo never let them get behind you, despite the fact that they will try. i won`t forget. no guarantees. offended worm. lisp. lips. one or the other, not both. makku. live for cream, die for love? i want you. yup. unfortunate, isn't it? supaa. raven. crow. black bird. dalton. you see where i'm going with this? trigger. bullet. block. rotational acceleration. sleep. dreams. hunter. buddhists. shinto. mars. fire. despise. raven.

sinners retch on my shoes and i wonder if i should join them. throw it all in the grave and bury it. kill it. kill it all. you are full of it. you don't know what you're talking about, but you talk as if you are an authority. especially me. wet leaves cannot be easily brushed off the sidewalk. neither can garbage machines. i wish. i adore you. count the spiders. i want in you. nevermind if they forgot. i will as well. it doesn't matter. nothing matters. nothing does. i pretend it does. in case someday it really does. but nothing matters. i wish. times change. i change. and yet not. different attitudes, same feelings or lack of feelings. i wish they would all just leave me alone. sometimes it's hard to tolerate. why DO i get out of bed in the morning? i don't really have an answer. maybe i shouldn't. maybe i should stop eating and see what it's like to die. i'm curious... i shouldn't open myself like that. no one knows what to do with such things. they always break them. they shouldn't know such things exist. then they won't be able to break them. just nevermind. please don't notice me. i just want to fade away. and yet, please. i miss me. this is chloroform in print.