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2005-08-19 10:43 a.m.

the sea will rise

A few notes.

Last weekend WTF tried really hard to speak to me in English as much as possible. Honestly, her Japanese is much more comprehensible to me than her English, but I was quite touched by her efforts.

There are a series of famous hot springs in Beppu called the Jigoku Onsen (maybe you could translate that as ďHell Springs?Ē). After visiting one, I bought a t-shirt that says mainichi wa jigoku desu (ďEvery day is hellĒ). I donít usually buy shirts with words on them, but Iíll make an exception for that one. Itís cool.

WTF had originally been planning to buy one too, but she chickened out at the last minute. She said sheíd be too embarrassed to wear something like that in public. Itís funny to me that Japanese people suddenly care whatís written on their shirts when itís written in JapaneseÖ Ah, but itís not like Westerners are innocent of such offenses, what with this stupid kanji tattoo trend. ( has a good collection of stupid kanji tattoos and stuff, but the site seems to be acting weird right now.)

She brought a fan around with her that she had made by pasting clippings from English newspapers all over a plastic frame. (Such lovely hobbies she has.) At one point when I was holding it, a dragonfly came and landed on it. It stayed there for some time. I thought that was a good omen, but WTF wasnít so sure.

She frequently uses boku to refer to herself. Somehow, I find that dead sexy. (In Japanese 101, theyíll teach you that only men should use boku, but these days many young Japanese women have began to use it, as well.)

Anyway, Iím leaving tonight for another week long vacation. I had originally hoped to use this time to go to Singapore and perhaps Indonesia, but that didnít quite pan out. So first Iím going to Yakushima. Yakushima was the primary inspiration for the forests in Princess Mononoke (and Nausicša as well, if Iím not mistaken). It should be a real treat. After that Iíll take a boat to Okinawa and spend a few days there before heading back. Iím not quite sure what Iíll do there yet.

The boat between Kagoshima and Okinawa takes a full twenty four hours. That will be fun. I can pretend Iím a merchant seaman! ARR! (Do merchant seamen say ďARR?Ē Maybe I should just pretend Iím a pirate. But "merchant seaman" is so much more fun to say!)

Iíve got a ton of little projects Iím working on right now which make me a little hesitant to leave, butÖ I need to get the fuck out of here for a while. I need some time away. This will be good.

Next weekend Iíll meet up with WTF in Fukuoka.

I donít think Iíve read anyoneís blog for about a week or two now. Looks like itíll be another week before I get around to catching up.

stingrays are floating across the sky,