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2004-09-24 6:05 p.m.

all u can eat

Man, I am really, seriously worried about the upcoming election.

This is so true of the Bush administration it's not funny.

And I have to say I agree completely with everything here.

I'm not usually one to take strong stances on anything, but it's been utterly obvious to me all along that Iraq had nothing to do with fighting the war on terror, that we went in there without any good reasons, that it's been a total disaster so far, that American security has only been weakened by the debacle, and that alienating our friends and uniting our enemies as Bush has done is unforgivable. To me these are more than just opinions, they are facts. I am utterly baffled that so many Americans seem ignorant or indifferent about this.

And those are just the major issues I have with Bush. Nearly everything I read about the guy pisses me off in some way.

I'm really scared Bush is going to win again. I fear we're totally fucked if he does. Not just because Bush will get another four years to flush the world down the toilet, but because it will mean that for some unfathomable reason, most Americans actually agree with the insane direction he's leading the country.

Not that we're saved if John Kerry wins. We may just be staving off the inevitable. But, our chances are much better with Kerry at the helm than with the guy we got now.

I've decided I really like Kerry, too. I think he'd be good for this country right now.

I also think that now's not the time to vote for third party candidates... In a normal election I'd be all for it. I recognize that you have to vote for what you want to have any chance of getting what you want. But this isn't a normal election. It seems to me extraordinarily important that we get rid of Bush. If it was someone like John McCain, or Bob Dole, or Colin Powell, or even Daddy Bush in charge I wouldn't care nearly so much. But Dubya just HAS to go.

If he wins again (not that he actually won the first time), maybe I'll end up staying in Japan a little longer than expected... Or maybe that would make it all the more urgent that I come back. I'm not sure. All I know is that I feel sick when I think of that guy in the White House for another four years.

I'm really worried about the direction this country is heading. Let's see what Ben Folds has to say about it.

son, look at all the people in this restaurant
what do you think they weigh?
and out the window to the parking lot
at their SUVs taking all the space

they give no fuck
they talk as loud as they want
they give no fuck
just as long as there's enough for them

gonna get on the microphone down at wal-mart
talk about some shit that's been on my mind
talk about the state of this great nation of ours
people look to your left
yeah, look to your right

they give no fuck
they buy as much as they want
they give no fuck
just as long as there's enough for them

son, look at the people lining up for plastic
wouldn't you like to see them in the national geographic?
squatting bare assed in the dirt eating rice from a bowl
with a towel on their head, and maybe a bone in their nose

see that asshole with the peace sign on his license plate?
giving me the finger and running me out of his lane
god made us number one because he loves us the best
well he should go bless someone else for a while, give us a rest

yeah, and everyone can see
we've eaten all that we can eat

them that got is them that get,