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2001-10-31 5:16 p.m.

a special halloween message

Hi kids.

It's Halloween.

What did you go as?

Or, what are you going as?


Well, I went as a young man interviewing for a position with a large Tokyo-based pharmaceutical corporation. I got a lot of looks with that one, I can tell you!

But now I'm back to my normal, boring, everyday self. sigh...

Tonight is a full moon. A blue moon, even. So I'm told.

Do you know what a blue moon is? That's when there are two full moons... in the same month! It doesn't happen very often. So this Halloween is a special one.

I like Halloween. I've always had a fascination with the occult. Do you like the occult, boys and girls? If I could personify the occult into a being, named Occult, I would take Occult out to dinner and a movie. I might even mess around a bit with Occult afterwards, back at Occult's apartment. I wouldn't do anything too naughty, don't worry.

Tonight Junko and I are going to watch Vampire Princess Miyu and Army of Darkness. We might even eat cheesecake! It will be fun!

You should all write and tell me what fun things you did or will do for Halloween. Wouldn't that be fun?

So! Have fun! In a safe and law abiding way, of course.

or just do whatever you want i don't really give a shit, damn...


your pal,