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2003-11-16 9:55 p.m.

gender genie

I seem to be writing in this thing a lot more since starting that novel. Procrastination and all.

So, yesterday I walk out of my room muttering fairly loudly, "I feel no need to eject crickets from my house!" to see my father standing there. Hi dad.

I found a new toy. The Gender Genie.

First I turned it on myself.

My last entry? Female

The first paragraph of my novel? Female

However, these excerpts were less than five hundred words, the recommended minimum. So, I put in the first four paragraphs of my novel. Male

First chapter of my novel (after the prologue)- Male (narrowly)

Fourth chapter of my novel- Male

The novel so far, at least, has emphasized description over interaction, so that may explain that. Then I tried plugging in some of my longer diary entries.

arguing- male

slawische komponisten vol. 1 OR a moment of black, white, and grey- male

return of chuck- male

amusedly melodramatic OR are you too good for your home?!- female

return of the warped tour OR i have no hands- male

on loneliness- female (very)

first entry- female (less than 500 words)

the complete ravings- male (very)

Little Wing's last email to me came up female as a blog entry, male as nonfiction. My last email to her came up male as a blog entry, female as nonfiction. Weird.

Oh, I turned the guns on others, too.

Mysteria's latest- male (narrowly)

Mysteria's first nano excerpt- female

Mysteria's second nano excerpt- male (seems to be narrated by a male, so good job!)

Mysteria's Mountain- female

katie- male

evangeline- female (very)

echoman- male (narrowly)

mimi- female (narrowly)

moonlitehope- female (very)

other katie- male (narrowly)

unclebob- male

seika- female

lazarus- female (very)

cf- male

Draw your own conclusions. And then email them to me, or harass me on AIM. My writing seems to generally skirt the border, leaning a bit to the male side... which I think is a good thing.

i like girls,